How COVID-19 and ‘work from anywhere’ can build the city of the future

-The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how millions of people work and their relationship with cities where work is based;

-The pandemic has shown the significance of technology and how vital it is for a city to reinvent and stay relevant;

-Smart cities can help urban centres retain talent, as well as better prepare for future challenges and crises, but how can cities transform digitally?

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically and drastically changed the way we work. All around the world, government, education and healthcare industries have had to operate virtually, in many cases for the first time. Work from anywhere is becoming a more permanent fixture wherever jobs allow.

Fresh debates on the future of work are emerging as economies look to reopen from restrictions. More companies are opting for hybrid work arrangements and such changes mean less pressure to commute daily. People may feel less inclined to stay within a city’s parameters where their work is located. What will that mean to the cities we have painstakingly built over decades? How can cities adapt and transform to remain relevant and competitive in the “new normal”?

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