Impressions from Sam Altman’s talk in London

What drives Sam Altman is OpenAI’s ability to create AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). He believes it’s possible and that it’s not that far. It won’t look like ChatGPT, but the path to AGI passes through LLMs

Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI, is doing a European tour at the moment, and I was one of the attendees of his London talks at the Londoner, a swanky new London hotel, organised by the Oxford Guild Business Society. The format was Q&A moderated by Abbas Kazmi, chairman of the Guild followed by questions from the audience.

I thought It would be interesting to share a few nuggets with readers of VC Cafe, given the huge impact OpenAI is having on the world, but also as part of the general debate about AI regulation, AGI, etc.

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