The Future of You

How to not regret your career in ten years.

Tetris is one of the most popular video games ever created. The point of the game is simple: different shapes fall from the top of your screen to the bottom, and you rotate the shapes to fill horizontal rows. When a row is filled, it disappears. The goal is to eliminate all pieces before any of them reach the top of the screen.

As you progress through Tetris, the game gets more difficult. New pieces appear and fall quicker and quicker. Eventually, no matter how skilled of a player you are, you will lose.

You can’t beat Tetris. You can set new high scores, and you can compete with your friends. But you can’t win.

We humans are attracted to shiny objects: prestigious job titles, high salaries, material goods. But these ambitions are rarely driven by a pursuit of happiness; they are often driven by a pursuit of status.

Status is a dangerous game, because status is relative. If you win this level of the status game, whether that means making a certain amount of money, working for a certain company, or landing a certain job title, you merely enter a new level. Now you are comparing your status to even more successful individuals. Maybe you win that level as well, but the cycle never stops.

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