These Controversial Substack Thoughts Changed My View of the Internet Forever

I guarantee they’ll do the same for you and help you share ideas online.

Everyone has to share ideas to survive, have shelter, and buy food.

So sharing ideas online is a skill we all need, whether you think of yourself as a creator/writer or not.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying and writing on Substack. Two controversial thoughts have changed my view of Substack. And they’ve transformed the future of the internet.

Only most haven’t realized it yet. Here they are.

  1. Content discoverability has forever changed

In the early days of the web you’d search google to find videos, audio, and writing.

This form of discoverability isn’t as popular anymore because what gets shown is heavily manipulated by clever SEO marketers.

Later in the web’s journey social media became huge. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook emerged.

The idea is that you scroll a central newsfeed full of content from people you know, and don’t know.

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