3 critical challenges for governing digitalization

-We must challenge the irresponsible use of technology undermining our societies and democracies.

-As we move into a new digital industrial age, we have an opportunity to change course and usher in a more transparent, democratic era of technology

-Global technology governance will not be achieved by political actors alone – it also requires a grassroots movement in the tech community.

The mob attack on the US Capitol on 6 January 2021, was a turning point – not just in political history, but also in technology governance.

Long before the attack, social media platforms and their algorithms had played a central role in amplifying conspiracy theories, false information, hate speech, and demagoguery. With the events in Washington, D.C., however, it became abundantly clear that the way we steer, harness, and regulate modern technology profoundly impacts our personal and economic lives. Tech governance is an existential question for our societies and democracies. It’s a matter of national and global security as well as social peace and progress.

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