What if we get tech right?

COVID-19 accelerated the deployment of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies – reshaping how we work, shop, learn, socialize, even visit the doctor in ways likely to stick around long after the virus is under control. Even when we are able to safely return to “normal” life, continued acceleration of these innovations will be critical to recovery and making progress on our global goals.

However, the pandemic also underscored the need for public and private sector governance to address emerging challenges and ensure tech works for everyone. As a recent World Economic Forum report explained, the pandemic “exposed even more clearly the gaps that still exist in digital access.” Responsible technology governance is needed to protect against discriminatory algorithms, unethical use of data and job displacement. And with the increased dependency on the internet over the past year, cyberattacks are up – so cybersecurity is more important than ever, especially for companies handling private data.

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