Build, Baby, Build!

A lot of things are broken. A lot of very important things. Things like our media, our universities, and our politics.

This will not come as a surprise to most Free Press readers. From medicine to academia, we’ve chronicled the way in which some of America’s most important institutions have been captured by ideology and reneged on their essential duties. While these individual failings are known, the scale of the failure is still shocking.

And that is what makes Free Press columnist Martin Gurri’s unsparing new essay, “When Things Fall Apart,” such a sobering read.

Even so, after surveying the wreckage, Martin says, “we shouldn’t yield to despair.” In fact, he concludes, the first step toward rebuilding “will be propelled not by our corrupt elites or by our broken institutions but by an impatient public.” (More on that in a second.)

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