Everything Is Difficult. So What?

The Greater the Difficulty, the Greater the Glory!

“Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.”-Carl Jung

It is all around us.

People no longer willing to work.

Individuals lulling themselves to sleep with distraction.

The masses talking of grand dreams and desires but lacking the interest and ability to take action and make those dreams and desires a reality.

The avoidance of minor discomforts and growing pains that pave the way for greater pleasures.

The silencing of the inner call.

The fleeing from the true work.


Because everything is difficult. In fact, it seems more difficult now than ever before.

We live in a paradoxical society, one where the trivial can be instantaneously summoned while the matters of importance always seem out of reach. Thus, when the thought of going after what is difficult, what is downright impossible, occurs to us, many take no action. They cling to the safety of the herd.

This is a disease that there is no cure for.

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