Vaccines, Mandates, and the Predictable Folly of Central Planning

“Nature recks nothing of intentions, good or bad; the one thing she will not tolerate is disorder, and she is very particular about getting her full pay for any attempt to create disorder.” ~ Albert Jay Nock

It’s too easily forgotten that “the people” are the market. The previous truth is a crucial one in consideration of what’s taken place in the U.S. and around the world since March of 2020.

In locking “the people” down, in taking away their freedom to live, work and operate their businesses as they wanted, politicians locked down the marketplace itself. That crisis followed the taking of freedom brings new meaning to redundant.

The marketplace that is the people has come to mind a lot of late as studies start to reveal that the various coronavirus vaccines perhaps aren’t as effective as initially assumed. Rest assured that what you’re about to read is not a medical comment. There’s no medical knowledge with which to make comment. On the other hand, you will read why central planning never works, and why public/private partnerships similarly never work.

Let’s start with public/private partnerships. Desperate to come up with a coronavirus vaccine, politicians left and right jumped at the chance to throw billions at pharmaceutical companies. To be clear, this was bipartisan. Though Republicans are normally skeptical about government playing investor, ideology went out the window in this case. Operation Warp Speed supposedly spoke highly of a business-oriented, problem solving Trump administration.

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